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Light Beyond Vision

Cape Cod and the Islands: Light Beyond Vision

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A distant lighthouse silhouetted against the clouds of an approaching storm. A trawler tossed onto the rocks during a Nor’easter. A shop specializing in Buddha statues. A waterfront mansion with a surprising connection to the Civil Rights movement. This is Cape Cod and the Islands: Light Beyond Vision.

The 75 panoramas in this book have been shot in infrared light using a unique photographic approach that renders otherwise invisible light into brilliant, haunting, surrealistic landscapes. 

These images are meant to challenge what we think of as real in a photograph. They are less about documenting places as we know them to be then they are about capturing them as we dream them and wish them to be. 

This is the Cape and Islands of summer as we remember them in the dark, cold, midwinter of New England.

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